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Reasons for doing a twin zygosity DNA test

Although appearance can sometimes give a clear indication of the relationship between twins, appearance alone is often not always a scientifically sound method for knowing whether twins are monozygotic twins (identical) or dizygotic twins (fraternal).

The most common reason is for curiosity purposes whereby parents of twins or the twins themselves may wish to know whether they are identical or non-identical. However, other applications include medical requirements such as situations involving blood transfusions or organ transplantations. Identical twins who donate organs to each other have a smaller chance of the organs being rejected.

Real client testimonial:

“Everyone always asked whether my girls were identical. I always said no, and used to get the reply back, ‘are you sure?’ Now I have my answer. Thank you very much.”  Australia, 22nd April 2015

Other information

Additional siblings can be tested for an added cost per person. Results are ready in 5-7 working days and are sent by email.

Note: We can only guarantee standard result turnaround time when testing takes place solely using oral swab samples. Using a forensic sample for your test may lead to an increase in turnaround time.

A DNA collection kit will be sent to you to collect your own sample. DNA samples can be collected using our home sample collection kit which is included in the price of your test. You can also submit different samples for testing such as hair, nails, toothbrushes and others – please visit our forensic testing section for more information.

All the DNA testing is performed by our ISO17025 accredited DNA testing laboratory. All testing is done using 21 different genetic markers to guarantee results with minimum probabilities in excess of 99.99%.

Why not consult a genetic counsellor about your results?

Our genetic counsellor is ideal if you have any concerns about your DNA test results. They can understand and interpret all aspects of your results, helping you understand any technical language you do not know, answer all your questions or simply explain the results to you. Once you have ordered the service, our genetic counsellor will get in touch with you to organize the date and time of the actual call. The session discussing your results will take place via Skype.


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