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Sources of DNA that can be used for Infidelity testing

For an infidelity DNA test, our clients often send in a variety of different samples which have roused their suspicions. These samples could include blood, hair or used condoms. We refer to these samples as forensic samples and analyze them using certain methods of DNA amplification and replication, namely polymerase chain reaction or PCR. The processing facilities have highly advanced forensic testing capabilities and can extract DNA from even the smallest samples of genetic material.  Note that the list we provide is far from exhaustive and we can actually test many more samples. The list you see only shows those samples that are most commonly used.

How hard is it to get a reliable DNA sample?

The types of forensic samples used vary widely and the chances of us being able to successfully extract DNA profiles very much depends on the sample used.  In many cases, items can contain sufficient DNA for analysis but there may be exceptions. In some instances the amount on DNA in the sample may just be too small for any significant analysis; in other cases, the sample provided might be too old or perhaps contaminated with some chemicals which might make it unsuited for testing.

Infidelity testing results

There are several types of testing EasyDNA can perform.  The following methods we use for DNA testing can help you determine what infidelity DNA test will best help with your questions:


  • Donor identification:  we can compare two DNA samples to confirm whether they belong to the same person or to different people. Normally one of these DNA samples is from a known individual whilst the other sample is from an unknown donor.
  • Gender profile testing: we can confirm whether the biological sample sent for analysis contains male DNA or female DNA. During this test it is not unusual to find a mixed profile, meaning that we could find DNA belonging to more than one individual. We are able to determine the sex of the sample by testing what we call the amelogenin sex gene – this is one of the many sex-determining genes of which analysis will tell us the sex of the donor of that DNA sample.
  • Human or Not Human Testing: Infidelity testing can help confirm whether the sample sent in contains any human genetic material or, as happens in some cases, may contain no genetic material at all.

We are here to assist you

EasyDNA is here to assist you in with your infidelity test.  We have many years of experience in these sorts of DNA tests and are always available for consultation or questions. Once the DNA samples are received at the laboratory, you will receive your comprehensive DNA analysis report in 10 – 15 working days. Please contact us to discuss your test.

International Order

Please note that if you are ordering from a country outside the Nigeria you are still liable under the local laws of your country as the person ordering the test and submitting the samples. In addition, your order will be forwarded to the appropriate team handling cases in your location. We, therefore, recommend you are aware of your local laws prior to placing an order. In addition, we are currently not offering this test to clients based in the UK.

Semen Detection test

A semen detection test is a quick and simple test that will enable you to confirm the presence of semen. If you do not require a full DNA test but just want to know if a strain contains semen or not.

Do you seek to confirm or remove suspicions of Drug use?

If so, we can help! EasyDNA only requires a hair sample to help you clear your doubts. Hair analysis can accurately detect drugs used up to 90 days prior to the test and results are available in only 3 working days.


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