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Uses of a legal test

Legal DNA testing (or court admissible DNA testing) has many uses including paternity testing to determine child custody and matters related to family law. The results of this test can help in changing the name on a birth certificate to reflect that of a biological father, as a judicial document supporting a declaration of parentage, legal proof of paternity, and even solve inheritance questions. Results of a legal test can also be used for DNA Immigration Testing.

Our court admissible test results are provided via email in just 3-5 business days. Legal DNA testing can only be validated if you follow a strict chain-of-custody procedure.

Steps to order your legal DNA test

Order the test

Once you have completed the purchase on our website, EasyDNA will immediately dispatch your DNA sample collection kit. The kit will be sent directly to the sampler (the person responsible for collecting the samples). Once the kit has been received, appointments will need to be set up for the sample collection. EasyDNA offers an all-inclusive test. However, we do not cover the sampler’s fee.

The sampler’s role

In cases of legal paternity testing, it is necessary that a neutral third party, chosen by the test participants themselves, is involved in the sample collection process. The third party, referred to as a “Sampler”, can be a medical care professional such as your doctor or nurse. Samplers are legally responsible for the verification of the true identity of the persons taking the test as well as supervising and carrying the DNA sample collection. The sampler will seal off the samples into an envelope and send everything for testing.

What do I need to take on the day of sample collection?


  • 2 passport size photos of each person showing the entire face must be clear – no items of clothing that may disguise any part of the face.
  • You must present one legal identification document or ID (passport, driver’s license, etc.) and a photocopy of this document signed on the reverse. Any government issued photo ID is valid for the legal DNA test.
  • When children are being tested a certified, government-issued birth certificate copy must be used.
  • All forms enclosed in the DNA sample collection kit from EasyDNA must be duly filled in by the sampler.

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