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Twin DNA Test - are you identical or fraternal?

Twins DNA Testing

DNA testing for twins can help determine if twins are identical or not. Twin siblings can either be 'identical' or 'fraternal' however knowing whether  they are identical or not is often difficult as appearance alone is not a reliable method for obtaining confirmation.

easyDNA offers a DNA test for twins that will confirm accurately if you are an identical twin or not. Once we receive your samples at the laboratory we will process them and issue your DNA. If the DNA profiles are the same then you will be confirmed as identical twins. If the DNA profiles are not identical then you will be full siblings that are born at separate times.

Our Twin Zygosity Test starts from as little as $399 for two siblings to be tested. If additional siblings need to be tested the additional cost is $175 per person.

All the testing is performed by our highly accredited DNA testing laboratory using the latest genetic identification system. All testing is performed using 16 different genetic markers thereby guaranteeing results with minimum probabilities in excess of 99.99%. Results are available within 5 to 7 working days from arrival of the samples at our labs. Alternatively you can select our Express Option and have results after only 48 hours from the receipt of the samples.

Reasons for Doing a Twin Zygosity DNA Test

There are various reasons to do DNA testing for Twins. If you wish do discuss your case in particular, contact our customer service team by email or call our office.

Some examples of uses for a twin zygosity test include:

Curiosity testing: Parents of twins and twins themselves may wish to know whether they are identical or non-identical.

Medical necessity: In medical situations requiring blood transfusions and organ transplantation, an identical twin can help save the second twin's life. Knowing twin zygosity beforehand is thus beneficial for timely action in these occurrences.

Medical research: Twin studies have provided valuable information to the research community. Twin studies help to examine the contribution of environmental and genetic factors in the study of ageing, the study of genetic diseases.

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