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Payment options for DNA testing in Nigeria

Payment Options

easyDNA Nigeria offers various ways to pay for your DNA testing requirements and these include the following:

Credit Card

We accept Visa and MasterCard and payment can be made directly through our SSL secure website. You can be assured that your payment is secure and all your information is encrypted. You can also make the payment over the phone by calling our office and placing the order through one of our customer service team. Once the payment is confirmed we will arrange to have your DNA testing kit sent out to you the same day by express mail.

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Payment can be made in cash at both our office in Lagos but only with prior notice has been given to our customer service team. Following notification a case reference number will be allocated to you over the phone or by email. To collect your kit you will need to quote your case number at our reception and can make the payment in cash. Please have the exact money available when making your payment in cash at one of our offices.

Western Union

It is also possible to make payments by Western Union. You will need to contact us to obtain the relevant details. You can also find a list of places where you can make the payment at this website: 

Bank Transfer / Bank Deposit / Bankers Draft

Payment can also be made by bank transfer, deposit or bankers draft. You will need to contact us for further details.

Please contact our office for further details or email us on to discuss your payment requirements.

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