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DNA Genetic Predisposition Testing for Health and Disease factors in Nigeria

Genetic Predispoition DNA Testing For Health & Disease  

Note: This Test is Currently Unavailable

easyDNA Nigeria will be shortly offering an extensive range of DNA testing services for predisposition genetic testing. These tests will cover over 174 diseases, conditions, and traits – the service includes a report on your genetic life expectancy as well as free lifetime updates.

Once you order the test we will send you out testing kit that will contain all you require to perform the test and return everything back to us. The sample is collected by means of a simple finger prick using the lancet provided inside your genetic sampling kit.

The conditions covered by this testing service account for over 75% of all causes of death in the English-speaking world. Due to their commonality, they were of course the first to be studied by scientists and the first to have their genetic causes noted. Hence, through our predisposition testing service, we can provide a comprehensive and meaningful coverage.

Our DNA predisposition tests cover the following list of conditions:

  Immune System
• Lupus / Grave's disease / Celiac disease / Multiple sclerosis / Psoriasis

  Cardiovascular Conditions
• Aneurysm / Atrial fibrillation / Heart disease / Peripheral arterial disease / Venous thromboembolism

• Macular degeneration / Alzheimer's disease /Osteoarthritis / Rheumatoid arthritis

  General Health
• Obesity / Migraine / Type 1 diabetes / Type 2 diabetes

• Bladder cancer / Breast cancer / Colorectal cancer / Gastric cancer / Lung cancer / Prostate cancer / Skin cancer

Additionally, these conditions are all supported by sound and reproducible scientific results and have been validated according to CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) requirements. The laboratory has also undertaken a stringent internal review process to ensure the maximum compliance and reliability of these tests.

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