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Discreet DNA samples terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for sending Discreet DNA Samples

Please review the following terms if you are considering sending a discreet DNA sample instead of the oral swabs supplied in our DNA testing kit. 

  1. The prices listed in the Forensics section above are in addition to the standard cost of the test you have chosen. We recomend that prior to sending your samples, you discuss with our technical team by email or phone to confirm your quote.
  2. Testing using discreet samples is only applicable for the home DNA tests. This is because it is difficult to verify the donor of the sample as required for legal tests. Only in cases where it is possible to verify the donor through a third party witness, can the samples be used in a court admissable DNA test.
  3. Once DNA has been successfully extracted from the sample, then it is possible to use it for any of our DNA tests. The type of sample submitted does not in any way change the result accuracy as once the DNA profile is generated it is the same whatever sample it is obtained from.
  4. We may apply discounts if you send us more than one discreet sample in a single case. However discounts are applied on a case-by-case basis.
  5. We do not give an unconditional guarantee that we will successfully extract DNA from the sample. This is because the quality of the sample is not know prior to commencing the testing. Every attempt will be made to obtain a useful profile, and this guarantee is based on the extensive experience of the accredited ISO17025 laboratory in forensic testing. Payment will still have to be made even where it was not possible to generate a useful DNA Profile.
  6. Turnaround times for results are normally 5-7 working days, however these timeframes are case and sample dependent.
  7. Where possible we recommend the use of the oral swabs supplied within our DNA test kit which is more economical and guarantees a higher success rate.
  8. The person submitting a discreet sample assumes full responsibility for sending these samples and purchasing the DNA test.

If you are considering sending a discreet DNA sample, we recommend that you contact us in advance to confirm the costs and any other technical issues relating to your case.

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