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Tips and information on DNA testing


The following information provides you with some tips on selecting your DNA Testing provider. We suggest that you go through some of these tips and should you require any further information you can contact us directly at the office or via email on

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: It is important that any DNA testing provider should have experience & support for any technical requirements or questions you may have.  They should keep you updated throughout the entire testing process.  easyDNA’s highly competent staff have many years experience in biotechnology and have specialised in the field of DNA testing for  over 7 years.  Our client commitment  is absolute.

ACCREDITATION: It is essential, when you choose the Company to provide your DNA test, that the Laboratory is adequately accredited.  easyDNA guarantees that its laboratory is Internationally Accredited to the highest standard.  Please visit the Our Laboratory page to obtain more information about this aspect.

ACCURACY: All of our DNA tests are analyzed with state-of-the-art genetic identification systems using 16 different genetic markers to gurantee the accuracy od the test.  The results will show that if the alleged father IS the biological father of the child, the probability will be in excess of 99.99%.  If the alleged father IS NOT the biological father of the child, the probability will be 0%. For information about the accuracy of our testing visit the Test Accuracy page.

PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL: Client confidentiality is of the utmost importance at easyDNA.  Our kits are sent out in unmarked envelopes with no reference to DNA.  We issue results via e-mail and, should the client want the results postal mailed, again they will be in unmarked envelopes. Clients will be asked for identification details before any information is given on the telephone.

AFFORDABLE TESTING: Because easyDNA is an International DNA testing company with over 12 offices throughout the world, the number of tests conducted annually by their Labs is very high.  Therefore, part of the reduction in costs made possible by the large throughput of tests are passed on to the Clients to  make our testing highly affordable.

DNA KIT: Your DNA kit will be sent to you on the day of order, (within office hours) and is sent express mail and should be received within 48 hours.  Kits sent to Northern Territory may take longer.  There will be no reference to easyDNA on the envelope and included in the DNA Test Kit will be full instructions, the swabs for the DNA sample collection, submission forms and a self addressed envelope to return the samples back to us.

For more general information about our DNA testing, please visit our Frequently Questions section.

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